1 Year Salute Competition

This year's been better than i had dreamed and to celebrate we here at Long's Board Shop threw a "1 Year Salute" Competition at the Portland Skate Park. Thanks to DLX/Spitfire/Real for help sponsoring, Donovan for photography, Katie for video, and everyone who came out to skate, celebrate, and make this year a great one.  Here's how things placed out: In the Under 12 division:

3rd place went to first time competitor Clyde


2nd place went to shop regular Daniel


1st went to the motivator Nate



In the Open Division Skate Jam:

3rd place went to Chris



2nd place (in an extremely tight race) went to Francis 1YS_2nd_web

1st place went to the ever consistent Eric "Skate Cat"


After a healthy debate from the LBS team riders (and comp judges) it was decided that the China Bank would be the location of the Best Trick segment of the competition.  The cool $50 bill went to Chris who really threw down.


A little cold never stops the northern souls and after a few product tosses the LBS Army gave us the 1 Year Salute!  For more pictures visit our Facebook album.