Put Down the Nail File

So its mid March. The time of year when the sun begins to shine, flowers begin to bloom, birds begin to sing, and there’s so much rust on your board that you’re leaving red stripes all over the mountain. Please don’t borrow your mom’s nail file and try and scrape it all away. Bring it to Long's!

$30 for not only a successful scraping of oxidation, but also a new shiny layer of wax to prevent bugs from crawling all over your board while its safely stored in the garage for the upcoming summer months. Without that sealing layer of wax, the base of your deck can dry out, causing delamination and sprung edges, which would be a sad end for that gorgeous new setup you just spent your last paycheck on.

$30 for a hand waxed, hand scraped, hand sharpened spa treatment!

Don’t let the slush stop the fun. -Dylan, LBS Tuner

Snowboard Tuning