Vegan Skate Shoes: Spring '13

Well the spring shoe lines are out for spring and i just wanted to give you a quick update of the vegan options for you skaters like me who prefer non-animal based footwear. Options were not as diverse as they have been in the past so choices are pretty slim for actually skate-able shoes, as oppose to the many thin canvas "lifestyle" shoes being offered by companies. 20130309_102125

Currently on the shoe wall we have 3 new selections that vegans can happily skate in with both durability and no animal cruelty.  First is the returning synthetic Fallen Patriot (in all black colorway).  I personally prefer synthetic uppers as they are extremely durable, do not stretch much compared to suede, and offer great support and protection.  These are also a cup sole for those who prefer more support and heal protection.


Second is the Lakai Brea, a classic line of there's with the all black colorway (again, the usual vegan color option) in animal free materials.  Mostly canvas with some synthetic embellishments this is a vulc sole option for those preferring more board feel and less weight.  Although this is a canvas upper it is much thicker than the standard canvas uppers and appears quite durable.  I will be skating these this spring and will keep folks updated regarding how they hold up for me compared to the Fallen Patriots which i have been riding.


Third is the Emerica Tempster, designed by legendary vegan skater Ed Templeton himself.  This spring Emerica has made a big push to improve their shoes' quality and durability after falling a bit recently in attempts to get prices down last year (i for one am very happy to see them return to their high quality roots).  The Tempsters follow this trend with very thick and durable canvas, mid-top uppers graced with Ed's distinctive artwork.  i image that these will skate well but they are so beautiful that i'm not sure i could bring myself to wear them as my daily skate shoes (i did see a sneak peak of the fall Tempsters and plan on skating the shit out of those).

Lastly, in our sale section we do still have limited sizes of the fall/winter vegan options for Fallen and Circa at a great discount if we have your fit.  As always our vegan options are clearly marked for you in the shop.  Killin' it without killin' 'em, the Long's Board Shop Vegan Threat!