LBS Green Statement

Having a degree in Environmental Science, having worked as an Environmental Consultant, and currently teaching Environmental Science when not at the shop - the impact of our decisions as a business on the environment are always on our minds. As snowboarders we see the effects that climate charge are having on our winters first hand.  These things are not hypotheticals in scientific models, but observations in our daily lives as we ride up chairlifts and plan our first and last runs of the season. At Long's Board Shop we are constantly trying to minimize our impacts on the environment and i wanted to take a moment here to explain a few of them so that you know that when you are buying from us you are not only buying local but supporting green practices.  Almost all of the lighting in our shop are LED and the few that are not are CFL.  It cost us quite a bit more upon opening but the payback in energy savings over the long term and the good karma points with ol' ma Earth were more than worth it.

Just reading this post is green in it's own right. We selected a web host who's servers are powered by wind energy. We used no/low VOC paints for our shop walls.  An energy star printer makes the bar codes on our items.  Our shop is cleaned with green cleaners and methods.  We participate in a board recycling program so that broken and used skateboards stay out of landfills.  We recycle all the cardboard that our shipments come in.

Our snowboard wax selection includes soy based options. We selected a screen printer for our shirts and hoodies that uses environmentally friendly inks. Heck, even my vegan diet results in less carbon dioxide being spewed into our atmosphere. From what we set our thermostats at to hundreds of other little daily decisions we do what we can to help reduce our footprint. Shop local, shop green.