Independent Stage 11

... but it goes to 11... The team and i did a comparrison of the new Independent Stage 11 to the Stage 10 and i figured those of you who haven't seen them side by side might be interested in what we came up with.  The Indy iron cross on the base-plate (which appears to be the same size and shape) now has a circle around it as an easy way to quickly ID which stage it is.


11 is higher than 10 (that's why it's LOUDER) but the kingpin is NOT.  That's right the kingpin sits lower!  Indy's far outsell all trucks in our shop and as full disclosure they are my truck of choice as well.  One of the only complaints i've heard with any consistency about them has been people beating the hell out of the kingpin nut causing various issues from the simple: no longer able to adjust tightness - fixed with a kingpin swap; to getting hung up on the protruding kingpin when their hangers are ground down extremely low/near axle - requiring new trucks but really, how many trucks are so good you can keep riding them until almost grinding down to axle.


Well, now even those issues seem to be solved. So until we get the hover boards Marty McFly promised us by 2013 truck companies just keep upping the ante.