Where are Tom & Sarah - Part 2

We're taking off on you again - but trust us, it'll be better for both you and us in the long run.  Now that we scoured the Manchester Winter Rep show and have the best of the 13/14 snow season gear picked out we're heading to Agenda NYC to find the freshest items and brands for you guys for this fall. Agenda turns 10 years old this year, started originally on the west coast. The Long Beach show was a couple of weeks ago and looked amazing. We're sticking closer to home and going to the branch off NYC dates, so we can come back home and see you that much sooner. 

This is why we chose to attend Agenda - founder Aaron Levant said this about the show he and a partner started "We are not a smaller trade show because we can’t get bigger, we are smaller by choice. We do not allow crap into our show and if that makes us smaller then that's a good thing to me. Agenda is invite only and we only have the best of the best from each category. If you make a skateboard pogo stick or you are Ed Hardy then go to another show because Agenda is not for you."

So in order to meet with the companies we already carry and bring on some new brands for you we've got to close the shop for a couple of days - we'll close early on Tuesday the 22nd and will be opening again 10AM on Friday the 25th. So come in and get anything you may need on Tuesday before 2PM!

It definitely stinks that we've got to close down to do this, but we're also psyched to be so hands on in picking out gear for you guys. We've talked to so many of you about what you like, don't like and wish we carried more of. Here's our chance to get it all for you!

-Sarah & tom