End of the World

There's been so much talk about the "End Of The Wold" next Friday, 12/21/12... and you know what... i feel fine (thank you REM).  In the other half of my life teaching science, i have been factually de-bunking this feared apocalypse but at my skate shop it occurred to me that i don't care either way.  If i make it to the 22nd or not i am OK with it. Now before you start trying to take away my shoelaces let me explain.  Ever since my teenage years i have been living by a philosophy of: live so that if i don't wake up tomorrow i will have no regrets but live so that if i do wake up tomorrow i will have what i need to get through another day.  This has helped me balance staying true and trying to enjoy every minute with a healthy view of a future and what needs to be done to ensure that it is as good as can be.

Finally getting to a point in my life this past year where i could see a dream fulfilled and open my own skate shop with my wife has been better than i even could have imagined.  If the 4 horsemen come charging through the glass wall of my shop next Friday they will find me with a smile on my face.  i have found love and i have seen my wildest dream realized with her beside me. Next Friday i will have had no regrets.

Although those zombies, redneck survivalist, or whatever might come calling on 12/21/12 will also find me with a retractable baton because i'm fighting 'til the end.  If i've pulled this off so far, who knows what i can dream up to accomplish in the future.  Skate or Die!