LBS Christmas Picks For 2012

tom's picks for the Yule Season 2012...

  • Ride Messiah Backpack - skateboard, snowboard, boots, laptop, you name it and it can carry it... with style
  • Lakai Corroll Select All Weather - weather proofed mid-top sneaker to get you through the messy winter
  • Mystery Flannel - so soft it's like wearing a skinned muppet
  • Rome 390 Boss Bindings - the stealth bomber of bindings, so many adjustment options i geeked out for 45 minutes setting mine up just right
  • Enjoi Swiss Army Knife - great for cutting you finger off
  • Bones SPF Slims - they look sooo good in visuals and shape
  • Rome Schloggin Hoodie - base layer and balaclava built in one
  • Chocolate Chrome Emblem - get it before i stick one on Sarah's car
  • Real "self medicated" Tshirt - da truf
  • Smith I/OX Goggles - murdered out frameless goggles can't be wrong

Sarah's picks for under the tree, in the stocking, around the menorah, or heck, just come buy it for yourself...

  • Bake & Destroy DVD - with each DVD get a free November issue of Thrasher. Some folks just like feeling it in their hand.
  • Glassy Sunhater Glasses - because the glare off the snow is enough to blind you  &  you don't have to guess what size to buy
  • Shorty Glove by Ride - TLo & I both snagged a pair, good enough endorsement?
  • Vew Do Board - work those quads & try to get a trick down before Tylor
  • Stereo Wood Cruiser - Jason Lee wood, aw yeah
  • Gift Boxes - I've packaged up boxes filled with skate goodies, they're under the LBS tree for $10, $15, $20 - take your pick!
  • Zero Rail - under $130, and collapsible you can shove it in the trunk



Merry Christmas!  Tom, Sarah & the LBS Team