What Came In - Welcome Selfish & East Coast Street

Hey all! Shipment day! I've been mostly posting on FB when we get shipments but today with Tylor & TLo here they're stocking and I'm typing.  Along with some Lizard King & PRod Brigada Sunglasses (winter is perfect for shades, just ask A.Cooper), we've got an Alien Workshop soap on a rope for you college guys - or if you have roommates that like to shower with you. On to the really good stuff - we've got an Alien Workshop Warhol (8.0) and a DIY Uncut - TLo was just reminiscing about when it was popular to cut your own shapes out of blanks.  Back in the 80s a blank didn't mean no graphic, it meant uncut. We've got this uncut for the price of a midrange ($40).

More blanks in, including a couple of blank cruisers. One of them has already gone home with someone, & I hear Justin C. may want the other, but it's out there for now. New brand in the shop - Selfish Skateboards (Tman has already grabbed one). Lots of East Coast riders, ALL their products are made in Canada, so decks are 100% Canadian maple. Plus it's good to support another skater O&O (Jereme Rogers - Boston born & bred) company.

Longboarders, this was a good shipment for you too! We've got some sweet new decks in - Madrid, Dregs Rasta and East Coast Street. ECS boards are made in North Carolina out of real wood, not plywood. Each one is hand made and is signed & dated. Even if you're not looking for a new deck, at least come down and admire this one. Plus, more slide gloves, including some Triple 8 and the usual suspects like Sector 9 & Bern.

For all of you who have been patiently waiting for Pretty Sweet to arrive - heard from Girl, it shipped at the beginning of the week (finally) so we should have it early next week....