Award Winning Gear at LBS

Man, can i pick 'em or can i pick 'em!  It all started as a small child with my nose... practice.  Now it has evolved into snowboard gear. As a shop owner i have to pick stuff early, before mag ratings, etc have come out.  Now that the reviews are out i feel justified in my orders.  Here's a few of the highlights of the prize winning gear we've got here at Long's Board Shop.


TWS Board of the month - Rome CrossRocket: Gumby approved these boards are kicking the Rome no hang up shape (i like to think of it as the spoon) making it great for destroying on any terrain.  Oh, and the graphics.  Even better in person when you can read them all.

SnowboarderMAG Most Wanted's - Rome Shank: Possibly my favorite Rome graphics of the season.  Choose Biggie or TuPac in Death of Hip Hop or Joey and Sid on the Death of Punk.  Another with no hang up shape and great for the park.

Another SnowboarderMag pick - Ride Buckwild: We have always known we have more fun than the double plankers but now you can rub it in their face.  A not-so-subtle all mountain ripper.


Pair up that Buckwild with Ride's Rodeo bindings - loving the new wedgie foot tilt and comfy ankle strap.  Everyone's raving about the Rome Mob Boss - and who doesn't like getting a pair of coozies with your bindings to keep that drink at the right temp.  Ride's slimebacked Revolts are so flexie for the park.


Annual fav's the Rome Libertine's never disappoint and there's the Bodega, great for taunting those skiers as they clunk up the stairs in the lodge.  Ride's got the sneaker-like Hi-Phy and their BOA sytem is oh-so-easy.


The Smith I/OX series is where it's at.  Frameless, comes with 2 lenses (so easy to switch out), and such great peripheral viewing you can check out that bunny without rubber-necking.