Board Never Bored

Only boring people get bored.  i think of all the long car rides i sat through as a kid with no dvd player, no iPod (or even Walkman), just me, the window, and my thoughts.  How much have i learned about myself as i just explored my mind... learning about myself. How many uninspiring lectures, classes, meetings have we all sat through?  My notebook margins were full of sketches, my meeting agendas framed with drawings, all as i was practicing my art, designing logos for companies i someday hoped to start, creating characters for future works.  While many sit bored others develop their creativity.

i'm not someone who blames technology.  It's not technology's fault people get bored.  Whether you have a smart phone or nothing but a sharpie, if you get bored it's no one's fault but you own.

This is why i love my fellow skateboarders and snowboarders and why i am so passionate about our shop.  Once you find a board you find your ticket to never being bored.

Discovering skateboarding means a curb will never be just a curb again.  You mean handrails weren't made to be grinded and people actually WALK down stair sets?  Folks actually sit and eat off picnic tables?

Discovering snowboarding means never counting how many runs you got in ever again (skiers: that's why we have more fun).  There are no longer bunny slopes, instead that's the trail i board slid the shed roof on. That tiny sledding hill becomes where you perfected your 360 grabs.  The campus steps they forgot to shovel off during Christmas vacation has now become a session spot.

We're not here for very long and any time spent bored is like murder on some tiny scale.  There's too much to do, too much not done. Everything we do around Long's Board Shop is really just another love letter to skateboarding and snowboarding.  A celebration of boarders who never get bored. We care so much about this that we have decided to try to make a living doing something we love. i get inspired every day all thanks to pieces of wood and the people who are crazy like me, but never bored.