Why You Salty?

New sneaker alert! We've got new Emerica and Axion on the shoe wall - the Heritage are Manny approved, he did a Soul to Sole review, click here to watch.   Along with a bunch of new Ride/Rome bindings, boots & boards (I'll let TLo wax on that) - Ride's "I'm having more fun than you" campaign allowed us to harass some skiers at a ski expo the other night. (You hear it snowed in the valley this week?) The fall Elephant decks are out, the Jason Adams graphics are slick - one of my favorites on the wall right now.  Leaving Tom & Tylor to order means we now have some toys, car emblems, knives.

Our guys are choosing between the Windham comp next Saturday & the Wo contest down south. Got your Halloween costume ready for the park? -SLaing Long