Shipment Day Sept 27

We got a couple of shipments today - one straight from Deluxe with some of the second Fall drop wheels. Some of the streetburner zombie series are restocked but for new we've got 2 different 92 duros from SF and a 95 duro. Also from SF some of the Live to Germ series, Theotis Notorius in 55, the Herman SB pro in 53, Animal Attack in 51 and a couple more. Girl put out a few new wheels, we've go their Skate Bum and a sweet looking set of their classics in 54. Girl  has a whole Skate Bum line and a couple of the tshirts are in house (with a Girl Pot Luck tshirt thrown in there too). We're still ordering new release decks for you guys - we've got a Wair Low Pro, a couple of new Chocolate decks in advance of their Girl/Chocolate Pretty Sweet release (set to be November 16th)  - check out the trailer here. Alien Workshop and Keith Haring teamed up for a series and we've got a couple of their decks in house. My favorite may be the Enjoi CPR deck though. 

Need a good reason to come snag one of the new decks off the wall? How about MSA Grizzly Grip 

In other news, there's a contest just announced in Windham on October 20th at 1PM (the flyer is on our FB page - we'll have one in shop once it's printed). Three age brackets and we'll have a prize pack from LBS for each age group. Any of you go to the Bath opening last night? Our team went for the grand re-opening and got some good lines - TLo had the GoPro, we'll go through the video and hopefully have it posted soon.

-S Laing Long