2nd week of September

We keep getting more winter gear every day and will start putting it all out on the floor next week. We're loving those of you already coming in looking for the newest boards, bindings, boots, jackets, pants, etc. The back room is filling up fast and it's starting to trickle out onto the floor but all of it will be out Β in less than a week. Meantime, we're still getting plenty of skate stuff in. Some more 8/8.25 and cruiser blanks. Some clear grip (you've been asking for it, we've got it!) and graphic grip. You probably saw my sticker pic on FB last week, well, more where that came from. We've also got more of the Jamie Thomas Zero Screaming Eagle Hybrid bearings - 4 steel ball bearings & 3 ceramic ball bearings. And since I appear to be on a glow in the dark kick, we've got Shorty's glow bolts. Red bolts and Rasta to round out the colors too.

For longboarders - some new Sector9 completes with some sweet graphics. Also a whole new shipment of slide gloves - all different kinds in all sizes. I'm heading to stay on Mt. Washington this weekend but TLo will be in the shop. He'll give a discount to anyone who can tell him how to watch every ManU game online.