Pez Dispensers, Goo & Bears

I meant to update yesterday afternoon, but Tom came in and before I could get to it he was watching a TED talk on real time human evolution, so the update had to wait.  Speaking of TED talks, I know we posted the Rodney Mullen talk on FB a couple of months ago - if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet then click here, it's worth the 18 minutes of your time Another couple of shipments arrived yesterday, we have Bear & Paris trucks back in stock. One set of the Bears has already gone home with someone, but another is still on the shelf for the taking. It's been a few months since we've been able to get the Toy Machine bearings that come in the Pez packaging - those of you who came in when we first opened may remember that TLo put the Abec 7 purple dispenser on his first set up as a skate shop owner. We also ordered some more Independent Abec7. I had read a really good review of these and shop regular, Matt, has tried them out and also gave them a rave review. A few of you have come in asking if we have Shoe Goo and we got some in. Not a bad way to extend the life of your shoes before dropping cash on a new pair. We also have Penny iPhone cases - they come in some of the same great colors as their boards and with the same pattern (they fit the iPhone 4 & 4s), and they're under 20 bucks.

We also got some new Hook-Up decks and Black Label decks in. The Agah deck is pretty sweet, and I think it's going to warrant a separate TLo post. Part of the icon series is on the wall with the Hensley deck. Fitting that we got it in on the same day we received our first Innes shipment.   -Sarah