Meet the "Shop Employees" in 13

So... the shop employees felt a bit left out with us doing the "Meet The Team" questionnaires so we decided to give them a little face time to keep morale up around the shop.  They were starting to form a union but they all wanted to be the leader.  Without further adu, i present:

Meet The "Shop Employees" In 13


E - Earl the shop mechanic

MK - Manny Ken the shop fashion model

S - Shmoo the shop manager


First board:

MK - My mum was a board.

E - And you're dumb as a board.

S - Vision Mark Gonzales


What do you listen to before a session for motivation:

S - Tommy Guerrero & Gadget

MK - Duran Duran

E - "SKULLS" by the Misfits on repeat


Who’s your favorite skater:

E - Jason Lee of course.

S - Mark Gonzales

MK - Ryan Sheckler


What’s your favorite video part:

MK - Maddona "Vogue"

E - SKATE video you idiot!

S - Video Days

E - Animal Chin


Favorite non-skate movie:

S - Star Wars

E - Mall Rats

MK - Zoolander, check out my Blue Steel!


Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you:

MK - Hey guys, that's not funny...

S - I've gotten quite used to having him around.  You should have seen the other mannequins that applied for the job.

E - He's scaring me right now.


Dream spot to hit up:

S - Anywhere in SF is always a great time.

E - Burnside! (Then some Voodoo donuts)

MK - Cayman Islands Park, biggest in the world.


Go to trick:

E - Pop shuvit

S - Feeble

MK - Blue Steel


Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again):

E - Erin Go Braugh!

S - Stays for luck.

MK - There's a golden shamrock around here?


Vulc, cupsole, or just soul:

MK - Vulc

E - I prefer the advanced engineering of cup.

S - Soul for life!


Best place to re-fuel after skating:

MK - Whole Food's salad bar.  Helps me keep my figure.

S - Yosaku... tofu katsu fools!

E - There's always time for a Dunkin Donuts stop.


What’s a perfect skate day:

E - Any day that i don't have to try and swap out some kid's bearings that look like they're been laying at the bottom on the ocean for 7 years.  And don't get me started about Razor Scooters...

MK - Full summer sun, skating with my friends, and hopping into the ocean to cool down.

S - Midnight solo session with temps in the upper 60's, perfect for shorts and hoodies!

Thanks guys... i guess - tom