Name:  Louis Torrieri

First board: I can't remember the first real board I owned. I was born in 1971 I remember some kids in the neighborhood had their own new boards. I know I really wanted one. I wanted to be part of that whole thing. For some reason my parents wouldn't get me one. What I do remember is making my own board out of a piece of wood (a 2x6 I think) and my sister's roller skate wheels. They were clay wheels and I vividly remember hitting that little pebble on the street in front of our house and being launched off the board with incredible speed. And then the impact. And then picking gravel out of my bloodied lips. Much like tape players and rotary phones, that is something I'm glad I got to experience … but I'm pretty happy we've advanced our technology a bit.

What do you listen to before a session for motivation: Anything loud with a good groove, lots of guitars… noise. Lately, a lot of Dinosaur Jr.

Who’s your favorite skater: Jay Adams. He ain't pretty. He ain't always right. But he's real. And you have to respect that.

What’s your favorite video part: Well, sticking with the Jay Adams thing, there is some old footage in "Dogtown and Z-boys" of him just bombing straight and fast down a big hill. He's crouched low and just sort of tapping the nose of the board. The Jimi Hendrix song "Freedom" is playing. It's a short clip but it's just so simple and perfect.

Favorite non-skate movie: Almost Famous (I guess I have a thing for the 70s)

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: I'd rather not say. I try not to even make eye contact with that dude anymore. Can we move on?

Dream spot to hit up: I used to travel to London a lot for work and I would spend all day walking around the city. I would love to go back and explore the city again on my board. Ride along the Thames river. Best city in the world.

Go to trick: Just a simple ollie off the curb. I use my board a lot for commuting to and from work and just cruising around Portland so that keeps things seamless and smooth.

Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again): My people come from a little village called Downhill on the north coast of Ireland. The shamrock stays!

Vulc, cupsole, or just soul: I'm a soul brother 'til the end. As long as you've got soul in everything you do you'll be just fine. Keep your feet grounded. But keep yourself moving.

Best place to re-fuel after skating: Amato's, course.



What’s a perfect skate day: It actually hasn't happened yet … but I'm thinking it's going to be that day in the near future when I am out skating with my son, Huck, who is two years old now, and he'll be up ahead and I'll be a little bit behind just watching him tear it up. We'll skate until we are sore, until the sun goes down … and then we'll wake up and do it all again. And again. And again. Those will be the perfect days.