Shoe Review - Fallen Seventy Sixes

The Fallen Seventy Sixes won a Transworld Skate award this year, they've also been a best seller here in the shop. New for fall we've got 2 colorways, the LRG with black & green & the new burgundy/gray. Richie, one of our LBS team riders, has been skating the LRGs and has a review for you. If you feel like trying a pair out we've got our special going on, buy any sneakers & get a pair of Toy Machine or Zero socks for free.

"For the last month, I have been riding the Fallen Seventy Sixes. For the last month, I have felt the best I have ever have felt while skateboarding. It's no coincidence, yes it is because of those shoes. The Fallen's deserve every award they have gotten for being a great shoe. They give you incredible board feel, while providing a cushion for comfort and protection against the forces of skating. They are very tough shoes. I suggest them to both street and tranny skaters.
   With all of these great qualities, you'd think the shoe would feel like a brick on your foot. But they don't, they are nice and slim and ultra lightweight. They give you control over your board like no other shoe would. They provide a confidence that you need to be able to push yourself into becoming a better skater.
    When I walked into LBS looking for a shoe, I literally had no clue what I was going to buy. While talking to Tom about what I wanted, he brought up the Seventy Sixes. It was a SPOT ON choice for me, so I know Tom was listening and truly trying to help me find a shoe for me. Not just trying to sell shoes to make a profit.
       Lastly, I love these shoes so much, that I am going to buy another pair just for the purpose of having another when these wear out. I havent felt this strongly about a shoe EVER. So if you're looking to get an amazing pair of shoes, head over to LBS and pick up a pair of the Fallen Seventy Sixes.
    If they're good for Tom Asta, they're good for you!"