Back to School Sale Specials!

Sorry to bring this up folks but the new school year will be soon upon us.  On a more up beat note, that also means that the fall lines are all coming in and to celebrate we've got some great offers for you.  Buy a pair of skate shoes and get a FREE PAIR of socks by Zero or Toy Machine!  We've got Kid's 1 all the way up to adult size 14.

The 2 slickest styles on the wall right now, in my opinion, are the fall colored black/red/gum Slash's and the fall burgundy Seventy Six.  Keep an eye out as we'll be posting Team Rider Richie's review of the Seventy Six in the next few days.  Lakai are also on their way and will be up on our wall soon.

We've also got a pant deal for you too.  Buy any pair of pants and get a FREE Zero leather belt!  We've got 28's up to 38 waists.  Get the Plan B Sheckler jeans, Dickies/Spitfire collaboration jean, or the softest jeans i've ever worn - by Fallen.  For the trailblazers out there, skinny jeans are on their last leg and chinos are where the lines are moving for the spring.  Plan B have them early and we've got them, to get you ahead of the curve.

Lastly, there's still plenty of warm weather ahead. All of our shorts, tanks, and bathing suits are 20% off.  We've got to make room for the upcoming snowboard gear after all, which will be here before we know it. -tom