Meet The Team In 13: Adam

Name: Adam Legassie (Weird Wood Skateboards)

First board: It was a white, blank deck that I got from Transitions Skate Shop in Biddeford back when it existed.

What do you listen to before a session for motivation: I’ll listen to most things, usually rock or Beastie Boys though lol

Who’s your favorite skater: Man, it’s always so hard to choose just one! I might have to give it to Daewon.

What’s your favorite video part: I think lately it has been Lance Mountain’s part from Flip Extremely Sorry

Favorite non-skate movie: Austin Powers. All of them, yeah baby!

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: Definitely countless, but Manny and I are getting on level ground now and he’s a pretty chill dude.

Dream spot to hit up: The Bondi-Bowl in Australia!

Go to trick: Probably frontside Lien airs or blunts

Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again): I don’t know, she might have it again

Vulc, cupsole, or just soul: I don’t really have too much of a preference, as long as it skates I’m happy.

Best place to re-fuel after skating: Subway for sure, or just any place that has subs lol

What’s a perfect skate day:  The weather is perfect. Not windy, but there’s a light breeze and the air is cool. All your friends are out skating and everyone’s just landing everything and it just hypes you up to land all your stuff too.