A Night at the Portland Skatepark with the LBS Team Riders & Huck Photography

LBS Team Riders Chase, Richie, & Adam

This past Sunday, friend of the shop Louis from Huck Photography and his friend Greg  came out to the Portland Skatepark after the rain  ceased to take some team picks of the Long's Board Shop riders Chase, Richie, and Adam. Man what a great time! Something about it brought me back to a more care-free  feeling from my youth.  Most likely this was brought on by all the skating through puddles everyone did, something you only do when you are either too young to know it's bad for your bearings or something you do when you own your own shop and tell everyone you'll set them up with new bearings after the shoot.

Despite being blind for a few hours afterwards because of my roll as flash test dummy, everyone was great at giving for the shoot.  Adam landing on command like a trick-monkey, Chase multi-tasking as we asked him to both land tricks AND try to keep his mouth closed while doing it for the photo, and a soaked Richie who sacrificed his body and dry clothes to many puddles in the name of getting the shot.  The ladies all kept the mosquitoes well fed as Louis sat and knelt in numerous puddles while Greg got an upper body workout holding light umbrellas out at all angles for just the right lighting effect.

The night was fun enough but then we got the photos back... they are AMAZING!  i'm putting a couple of teasers here to give you a feel for the night but i saved the best for their profile pages which i will be posting over the next few days in our NEWS section.  Stay tuned to learn more about the LBS Team Riders and to see the incredible shots captured of them by Louis.

A BIG thanks to everyone there Sunday.