Carlos At Woodward

Carlos stopped by the shop the other day to let us know how his trip to Woodward went.  We got chatting and enjoyed his stories so much that when he got ready to leave and bought a deck Sarah (ever the schemer) told him that if he gave us a write-up she'd through in the grip for free.  He agreed and Carlos is a man of his word.  Below is his account of Camp Woodward. -tom

My Trip to Woodward

Last week I went to Camp Woodward for week 7 in Pennsylvania. I drove 10 hours to get there. The camp was a skater’s paradise with more skateparks than New England. I made a lot of new friends in my cabin and outside it. My counselor was a really good skater and person. The only thing I didn’t like at Woodward was the bathrooms and showers. The floor of my shower was filled with mysterious things, and toilet paper.

The food at camp was really good and there were a lot of options with the Vitamin Water Lounge, the Ballpark Grill, the Canteen, Moondose, and the cafeteria of course. The cafeteria has the same breakfast you’d probably have at home with cereal, egg, pancakes, french toast, and fresh fruit.

The skate shop there had a big selection although it was pretty overpriced. There were a lot of fun, friendly contests all week with prizes. During two hour instruction period, my counselor Mitch taught us a lot of things. The rest of the day you could do anything you want. There were also pros at Woodward like Billy Marks and Kelly Heart. I got my helmet and hat signed by Kelly which was awesome.

Overall I had the time of my life at Camp Woodward and would go every Summer if I could.

~ Carlos Monsen