What Came In: 2nd Week of July, 2012

Yeah, i was a little slow getting this online but a lot came in that needed to be entered into the system and stocked.  Also between putting more snowboard orders together and picking out the shoes from next spring's line i can't believe how far we are thinking into the future.  Anyone have a Delorean i can rent? Tons of new decks! From the peaks of Mt Fuji to the peak of Haslam's gnome hat we've got lots of nice looks for you to scrape up and every size imaginable from 7.5 to 9.  We also have Grizzly Grip's bear cut-out sheets added to our grip menu this week.

For the longboarders out there we've got a stocked rack of pintails and a stocked rack of drop-throughs.  We also got some more longboard kingpins in.


We got a restock of Bones Wheels as well with plenty of STF, OG's, and even a few filmer sizes for you photogs out there.  Our bearing selection has now taken over a 2nd shelf with Indy's, Flip's, and good old Hubba Hummers adding to our regular stock of selection.

All that and much more for this week.  i really dig the Habitat 5 panel hat...