Tomorrow: Go Skateboarding Day - Maine

Yup yup yup, tomorrow's Go Skateboarding Day and boy does it look to be a hot one.  At 10am tomorrow we'll announce the secret location then you have some time to fully hydrate for the 3 pm meet-up in Portland.  Our shop will be closed from 2:30 to 4:30 for the meet-up, but then our doors will be back open if you need to cool down in the A/C. Then there's the Saturday events.  The prize packs are all put together and ready to be hidden.  On Sat we'll be giving clues at 10 am for pack 1, 10:30 am for pack 2, and 11 am for pack 3.  Get your Google search skills ready and follow our FaceBook and Twitter accounts.  In addition to our boxes and rails there will also be the traveling half pipe set up in our parkign lot SAturday.  Just get the waiver signed and you'll be good to go.

And did i mention, the new shop shirts are in and looking pretty great thanks to The Arm Factory.  We went with something other than black for those summer days.  We look forward to seeing you all celebrating the holiday. -tom