Whatever Works For You

If everyone was the same, skated the same, was built the same, looked the same there would just be one deck shape.  One size for wheels. One hardness for bushings.  But everyone is not the same, thank goodness. As much as every girl looking like my wife might be good, every guy looking like me would be scary. With all the options for wheel sizes & hardness, deck dimensions & concave, etc there are an infinite amount of set-up possibilities right in our very shop alone never mind considering all that is out there.

The other day i got to put together a set-up that i'd been dreaming of ever since the deck came in.  A beautiful Black Label at 9" hung on our board wall and when there where no customers in the shop i could hear it calling to me, whispering. "Put some raws on me and some 60's.  Once you close up shop we can ride the pool together as the sun goes down."

Now i wasn't the only guy she said this to.  Many came in to the shop, and upon seeing that board imagined the same set-up. i can't tell you how many times after locking up the door and cashing out the register i almost put that together, but you can't chase after every cute girl that struts by and i can't take home every fun set-up that comes through my shop (although my wife seems to give in to every hoodie delivered to LBS).  Last week the day came.  A soul heeded the call and that black beauty got a pair of raws and some 60's.  Finally i got to put it together and finally i got some peace and quite around the shop after hours.  No more lustful calls from the board wall as i set the alarm. i returned to the happy polygamy of my Zero and Zoo York decks (i guess i worked my way through the whole alphabet since '84).

A few days later black beauty's new rider came back to put some new wheels on. i had some fun bantering about separating such a combo but it was all just in humor. Ultimately i love seeing people riding that perfect set-up just for them.  The one you feel at home on.  The one that puts that big grin on your face as you ride it.  That one that makes you want to go out and skate.  i think with those new wheels he may have found that ride.

It's different for everyone.  i like really tight trucks. i have always had really strong ankles, something i attribute to my parents having me start playing hockey at 4 years old.  i prefer to have by board solid and consistent under me and use my ankles to adjust/compensate as needed.  i hate when people stand on MY board and then tell me the truck are too tight. Um... NO!  It's MY board and the trucks are PERFECT (i don't get on your mom and complain she's too loose, don't get on my board and complain she's too tight).

From boards with ribs and nose guards, weighing in at half your body weight to Popsicle sticks with wheels that barely covered the bearings; skateboarding has experimented with everything it can imagine and is coming up with new ideas every day.  There are plenty of "rules of thumb" but there is no formula for picking out your set-up.  Experiment and find what works for you.  Even that will change over time as you and your riding change.  Whatever works for you is what's right for you.  Don't let anyone tell you different.