4 Days 'til Go Skateboarding Day - Maine

4 days to go.  Drew up a graphic to explain some of what the shop will be doing for that Thursday and Saturday.  Let's see how many of us we can get together for a quick spot jam on Thursday! A great local photographer will be on his board with us for Thursday's "Bum Rush The Spot" to snap a few and on Saturday (June 23rd) he'll be setting up at the shop to take some portraits of skaters and their boards. We're working on an impressive addition to the rail, box, and ramp parking lot set-up for the Saturday celebration... keep your fingers crossed. We're also working on the clues for our hidden prize-packs for the treasure hunt.  Keep abreast on our Facebook and Twitter posts for the spot announcement Thursday at 10am so we can meet up at 3 pm; then on Saturday at 10, 10:30, and 11 am we'll be posting hints for the 3 hidden treasures.