8 Days 'til Go Skateboarding Day: Maine 2012

i always get excited to think of a holiday of all our own.  i've watched my beloved St Patrick's Day get taken over by people wearing green beads (where did that come from?). i am not worried, however, about roller-bladers corrupting our June 21st get togethers any time soon. Many associate holidays with competition, hence the Turkey Bowls and Boxing Day derbies but i have always viewed holidays as opportunities for wreckless celebration.  The Street League is fun to watch and definitely has it's place but when i think about skateboarding and what part of it that i want to celebrate i always come back to the creative free spirit.  The Lance Mountains, Mark Gonzales, and Ed Templetons of the world.

So how do you celebrate that aspect of skateboarding?

i figure you get  as many of us together as we can and just take it to the streets.  Skateboarding is not a crime, but sometimes it feels like it's pretty close.  That's why we at LBS are keeping the Downtown Portland meeting spot for this year's Go Skateboarding Day a secret until that morning.  Check our facebook or twitter upon our opening (10am) and we will disclose the 3 pm meet-up location.

There hasn't always been a lot to do in years past but i am happy to see that there are a few options for skaters this year.  We will be keeping our Thursday activities short, hitting a spot, a ride together, and a group photo (as there will be folks with cameras).  That way folks can potentially have time to hit up all of the activities going on in the area.

Then Saturday (June 23rd) we will be having some more festivities... stretching the holiday love a bit more.  We will have rails, boxes, and ramps in the parking lot of the shop and then at 10 am, 10:30 am, and 11 am we will announce on twitter and facebook hints for the location of prize packs hidden in the greater Portland/South Portland area.  A deck/grip, truck/hardware, and wheel/bearing pack will be the focus of the hunt.

Let's hope the weather is on our side for us all enjoying the Go Skateboarding Day activities around the globe.