What's New for the End of May

Lots of new stuff around the shop this week.  The Pudwill "Grizzy Grip" trucks are pretty stylin' with  a griptape looking finish.  Lance Mountain was the 1st pro skater i felt i could relate too and we just got in his new "Lance's Pool Service" wheels.  i like watching Chris Cole skate and i like watching Star Wars; i mustn't be the only one because we've had a hard time keeping the Cole Spitfire Star Wars graphic wheel in stock but we just got some more.

We also just significantly improved our longboard selection.  Santa Cruz, Gold Coast, Gravity, Sector 9, Landyachtz, come check 'em out.  We also got a few banana boards from Stereo if you want to kick it pre-OG.  Jason Lee and the boys even threw in free sunglasses with each board.

Oh, and the t-shirts and shorts.  More Star Wars themed Spitfire on shirt sizes for both kids and us kids at heart.  You'll have to see our new layout for a peek at the rest of the clothing.


For the hooligans out there, if you've ever wanted to kiss the Premier Cup we've got as close as you'll ever get currently at the shop.  Sarah's the holder until next season... i'm still not sure how she won.