East Coast Classic

When not riding a skateboard or snowboard you can find us LBSers riding Vintage Vespas.  Much like skateboarders, vintage scooterists have a strong scene.  A fun counter-culture movement with some punk influence there has been many instances of cross-pollination between skateboarding and scootering.

Girl did a line of decks with scooter graphics, Rowley has done scooter graphics with Flip, Lance Mountain & Matt Hensley have done scooter themes, and Scoot! Magazine even did a Skateboarding/Scooter issue about the frequent cross-over.

Here at Long's Board Shop we even have an official shop scooter: a 1978 Vespa P125, blue with a white racing stripe, decorated with skate stickers, and having the tag SK8LBS.  Up until 2 weeks ago it was running great but then suddenly decided it didn't like having gasoline on the inside and decorated by garage with it instead.  Fortunately none got on my garage mini-half.

Such is the way with vintage scooters.  Once i get that issue resolved i hope to fabricate a skateboard holder for it.  One of my other Vespas has a high sissy bar that i usually strap my board on when heading to a skate spot.  Being open to Scoot LBSyour surroundings and rolling on something both nimble and fun, skateboards and scooters have much in common.  People into both are constantly customizing them to get their own unique look.  When both groups get together in larger numbers it is never boring.  Often debauchery ensues. Skaters and scooterists alike also frequently get a 'roll of the eyes' from the general public who wonder why we haven't "outgrown" that yet.

Bombing a spot with fellow skaters or riding en-mass through city streets with fellow scooterists there just is no substitute for that feeling.  Happily living the dream of being a skate shop owners we will not be able to attend this year's East Coast Classic scooter rally but we at Long's Board Shop are happy to be included on the event's sponsor page with some skate swag we supplied for the raffles.

Long live fun activities that start with "S"!