Matt Hensley: H-Street, Flogging Molly, & Innes

This weekend Flogging Molly will be performing at the State Theater here in Portland Maine.  After closing the shop for the night Sarah and i will be heading to the show with our scally-caps on.  i have seen them countless times and they never fail to pick you up.  Not only are Flogging Molly one of my favorite bands but their man on the squeeze-box is also one of my favorite skateboarders.  Talk about a 2-for! Didn't know that?  Well check this out:

Matt Hensley helped shape modern skateboarding not only with his revolutionary H-Street parts but also with his look.  i remember being able to relate to his style of cargo shorts and chain wallets as my friends and i were punks much more into military surplus than a lot of the fashions of the time.  Creative moves, independent look, and all in one of the most sincere and kind skaters to ever ride the 7-plies.

He has always stayed true to himself whether it was walking away from skateboarding when he felt he needed to, joining Flogging Molly (and temporarily leaving for a time), or starting Innes.  i am a big fan of Innes's asthetic, wear many of their products, and am working to carry their clothing in our shop.  All this and he is a genuine nice guy, completely down to Earth.

So, if you're lucky enough to make it to the show this weekend keep an eye on that accordion player.  He already has helped change the face of both skateboarding and music, who knows what else he may be up to.  Whatever it is, he'll be doing it sincerely!